Relocation Specialist

Here at Louise James and Associates we can provide you with a one-stop shop for all of your
relocation needs. Whether it’s selling your home, finding your new dream home or recommending
local service providers when you relocate – we can help to make your move as painless as

  • Relocation Expertise

Not only has Louise James got vast experience of real estate, she also has personal experience
of relocating across America – and not just once but four times to four different states. There is
nothing better than to have your Real Estate Broker understand personally what it’s like to
relocate! Louise is sure to know the answer to your relocation questions.


  • Selling your current home

Working for RE/MAX allows us to put you in touch with professional, reliable real estate agents
even if the home you’re selling is out of state. RE/MAX Associates average more sales than other
real estate agents so you know you’ll always be in safe hands with us.


  • Finding your new dream home

Whether it’s a new build you are hoping for, building plots, ready-to-move-in homes or short-term
rentals – we have them all covered. We have local knowledge of what’s currently available and,
through our network, we have advanced knowledge of what’s coming onto the market. With over
20 years of experience, Louise James can be trusted to find you your perfect home. The attention
to detail, customer service and drive to find what you are looking for sets Louise James and
Associates apart from other brokers.


  • Extended rental options through Home Partners of America

Louise James and Associates works with Home Partners of America to provide the opportunity for
people to move into a great home and community that otherwise may not be available in the
rental market. As well as more rental options, the program gives a clear path to home ownership.
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